Web Overview


Web is outlined as an Information and facts tremendous Highway, to access information and facts in excess of the net. On the other hand, It can be defined in a lot of techniques as follows:

  • Online is a planet-huge world system of interconnected computer system networks.

  • Internet works by using the normal World-wide-web Protocol (TCP/IP).

  • Just about every computer in web is identified by a unique IP handle.

  • IP Deal with is a distinctive established of figures (these as which identifies a computer system site.

  • A distinctive computer system DNS (Area Identify Server) is employed to give name to the IP Tackle so that consumer can locate a computer system by a name.

  • For example, a DNS server will resolve a identify http://www.tutorialspoint.com to a unique IP deal with to uniquely establish the laptop or computer on which this internet site is hosted.

  • World-wide-web is obtainable to each individual person all more than the earth.


The concept of Internet was originated in 1969 and has been through many technological & Infrastructural alterations as talked over under:

  • The origin of Internet devised from the notion of Innovative Study Task Agency Community (ARPANET).

  • ARPANET was developed by United States Office of Defense.

  • Standard function of ARPANET was to deliver communication among the various bodies of government.

  • To begin with, there have been only four nodes, formally known as Hosts.

  • In 1972, the ARPANET unfold in excess of the globe with 23 nodes located at various nations and as a result became regarded as Online.

  • By the time, with creation of new systems these as TCP/IP protocols, DNS, WWW, browsers, scripting languages etc.,Net presented a medium to publish and obtain details in excess of the world wide web.

Positive aspects

World-wide-web covers virtually each part of existence, just one can consider of. Here, we will focus on some of the rewards of Net:


  • World wide web will allow us to talk with the individuals sitting down at remote destinations. There are numerous applications obtainable on the wed that works by using Net as a medium for communication. One can find several social networking sites this sort of as:

  • Fb

  • Twitter

  • Yahoo

  • Google+

  • Flickr

  • Orkut

  • 1 can surf for any type of facts in excess of the world-wide-web. Facts relating to various topics these kinds of as Know-how, Health & Science, Social Studies, Geographical Information and facts, Details Technologies, Items etcetera can be surfed with assistance of a look for motor.

  • Apart from interaction and resource of information and facts, web also serves a medium for amusement. Adhering to are the many modes for amusement above net.

    • On-line Television

    • On line Video games

    • Tunes

    • Movies

    • Social Networking Applications

  • Internet allows us to use numerous services like:

    • Internet Banking

    • Matrimonial Providers

    • On the net Purchasing

    • On-line Ticket Reserving

    • On-line Bill Payment

    • Information Sharing

    • E-mail

  • World-wide-web presents thought of electronic commerce, that enables the business enterprise specials to be conducted on electronic methods

  • Cons

    However, World wide web has prooved to be

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