What to do if your Android phone won’t connect to Wi-Fi

What to do if your Android phone won’t connect to Wi-Fi
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Wi-Fi connection problems are pretty frustrating. Maybe it’s just me, but they always seem to happen at the worst time — like during an important meeting. You’re not alone; It’s a pretty common issue. In this post, we’ll look closely at a few fixes that might solve your connectivity problem and get you back online if your phone won’t connect to Wi-Fi. Let’s dive in.

What to do if your phone won’t connect to the internet:

Editor’s note: We’ve assembled these instructions using a Google Pixel 7 running Android 13. Remember, some of these steps may differ, depending on your device and the software running. 

Is your Wi-Fi router within range?

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If your Wi-Fi router is too far, chances are you’ll have a hard time connecting to the network. And if you manage to connect to it, it might not work very well.

Many factors can affect Wi-Fi performance. Any kind of interference can weaken the signal. This is especially a problem if there are multiple walls between your device and the router, or if the walls are too thick. It’s actually a very common issue in concrete buildings.

Additionally, not all routers can reach that far, or can transfer data as fast. Especially if you got your router from the internet provider, as these are usually lower-end devices. Check your router’s specs to see if it can reach far enough to cover your whole home.

In the case it’s a problem with signal reach, just move closer to the router. You can also upgrade to one of the best routers, to improve the odds of them reaching further and handling more simultaneous connections.

Did you reach your router’s device limit?

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Edgar Cervantes / Android Authority

Most people won’t encounter issues using lower-end Wi-Fi routers, if they only use a few devices. Your Wi-Fi performance can start degrading as you add a bunch of smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, smart lights, appliances, and other smart home devices. It seems everything is smart these days, which can be a problem because different routers have various device limits.

The lower-end options can usually handle between 10-15 simultaneous connections. Your Wi-Fi network will start becoming useless beyond that point, which could be why your Android phone won’t connect to Wi-Fi.

Try turning off or disconnecting other devices and smart products you aren’t using. You should try splitting connections to different channels if you have a router with multiple bands. If you really must have a bevy of devices connected simultaneously, you’ll need to upgrade to a more capable router.

There are plenty of very capable options. You should look into Wi-Fi 6 and Wi-Fi 6E options if you use a lot of connected devices. Many of these can handle well over 50 simultaneous connections.

Restart the phone

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We aren’t quite sure why, but a quick smartphone restart will iron out most small software issues and

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Under a thousand: 1 cable to connect them all

Under a thousand: 1 cable to connect them all

Oh, what a tangled world wide web of wires we confront when we open most government baggage these days. That’s hardly astonishing when you contemplate the quantity of gizmos that most of us carry. There are telephones, notebooks, earphones, tablets, e-e-book viewers, power financial institutions, and a host of other equipment that so many of us have together. And of system, with excellent gadget figures arrive equally terrific numbers of cables and cords, as almost every gadget and gizmo has its individual special connecting cable, which frequently does not perform awesome with others. For instance, you simply cannot use an Iphone cable to demand an Android cellphone or vice versa.

There are other problems too – some cords can be employed to demand products but can’t be used to transfer details from 1 system to another. And even when it arrives to charging, some cables are not really great at handling more quickly charging speeds. All of which leads to the twine litter in our luggage. You now not only have to uncover place for all your gadgets, but also the wires that go together with them, and retain time aside for untangling them all.

A a single cable answer? Stuffcool that.

There are cables and cords with various charging and information ports on possibly aspect of them that have been intended to deal with this mess. But lots of have a tendency to be badly created (some have magnetic port attachments that slide off or get dropped) and worse, are often unsafe. You truly cannot take chances with a cable that connects your treasured devices to a ability resource.

The Stuffcool Quad 2 is a rough, braided cable remedy that comes with a velcro strap to maintain it in location. (Image credit rating: Nimish Dubey/Indian Specific)

The Stuffcool Quad 2 4-in-1 is one of the several cable answers that actually get the job done in these wire-mad situations. It is a one meter long, nylon braided cloth cable, which seems strong more than enough, and also is tangle-free. Stuffcool statements it is unbreakable and flexible, and from what we have observed in about a week’s utilization, it unquestionably is tough. There are no creases the place the cable bends, and it under no circumstances knots up when bunched up and remaining by by itself. The cable by itself will come with a useful band for tying it up neatly, anything we want other gadget cables did too. You can conveniently tie it up and even continue to keep it in your pocket if you would like.

At every single conclude of the cable are two USB Type-C connectors, which will fit into the ports in any device. Each individual of these USB Form-C connectors has yet another port connector attached to it as properly. So you can transform every connector to an additional – just one has a lightning connector attached to it, when the other has a USB Form-A connector. In circumstance you would like to hook up

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