Our Vanishing Internet: Disappearing Data, Paywalls, and Memory Holes

In light of the recent Internet Archive lawsuit, Dennis has some serious questions about what it and other recent happenings may mean for the future of online content. Will we see an increase in lost access to data or permanently deleted content? Tom doesn’t necessarily think so, but the guys dig deeper into this topic to hash out their thoughts on freedom of information, paywalls, and whether we ought to be concerned about the fate of internet content.

Later, time for a checkup on Dennis and Tom’s 2023 tech resolutions! Tune in for their self-assessments on resolution progress to date.

As always, stay tuned for the parting shots, that one tip, website, or observation that you can use the second the podcast ends.

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Got the world turning as fast as it can, hear how technology can help legally speaking, with two of the top legal technology experts, authors and lawyers, Dennis Kennedy and Tom Mighell. Welcome to the Kennedy-Mighell Report here on the Legal Talk Network.

Dennis Kennedy: And welcome to Episode 338 of the Kennedy-Mighell Report. I’m Dennis Kennedy in Ann Arbor.

Tom Mighell: And I’m Tom Mighell in Dallas.

Dennis Kennedy: In our last episode, we interviewed Natalie Anne Knowlton of A to J Ventures as part of our ongoing Fresh Voices on Legal Tech series. Highly recommend it. Tom has been wanting to do interviews but now that we’ve done a few, he would like to get back to our usual format for a show or two. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about our seemingly vanishing Internet. It’s an important and worrying topic for me and it plays right into Tom’s information governance perspective. Do I really need to be as worried as I seem to be? Tom, what’s all on our agenda for this episode?

Tom Mighell: Well, Dennis, in this edition of the Kennedy-Mighell Report, we will indeed be discussing whether the Internet as we know it and all the information that resides on it might indeed be vanishing, or whether Dennis is being an alarmist and we may see where I fall on that. In our second segment, we’ll revisit our 2023 tech resolutions to give each other a little accountability and encouragement and see what we need to focus on for the summer and as usual, we’ll finish up with our parting shots that one tip website or observation that you can start using second that this podcast is over. But first up, we wanted to take a look, or maybe I should say Dennis wanted to take a look into whether or not the Internet as we know it is vanishing like the Amazon rainforest. Dennis’ words, not necessarily mine. Are we now in a world of disappearing sites? Are we in a world of removed

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