Southwest Airlines temporarily grounds all flights over technology problem

Southwest grounds fleet due to technical issue

Southwest grounds fleet due to technical issue


Southwest Airlines has resumed flights after grounding all planes in the U.S. following a technology glitch.

In a statement at 11 a.m. Eastern time, the budget carrier said it had “resumed operations” after requesting a ground stop Tuesday morning “to work through data connection issues resulting from a firewall failure.”

“Early this morning, a vendor-supplied firewall went down and connection to some operational data was unexpectedly lost. Southwest teams worked quickly to minimize flight disruptions,” the airline said in a statement.

In earlier tweets replying to frustrated travelers who said they were stranded on airport runways, Southwest said it “had to implement a ground stop as a result of intermittent issues that were experienced.”

More than 2,000 Southwest flights were delayed Tuesday, according to airline tracker FlightAware.

In December, the airline had a multi-day meltdown when it canceled nearly 17,000 flights in a 10-day stretch around Christmas — wrecking holiday travel plans for well over 2 million people. A winter storm had shut down Southwest’s operations in Denver and Chicago and the airline’s system for rescheduling pilots and flight attendants was overwhelmed.

Those cancellations cost the airline more than $1 billion and led to an ongoing Transportation Department investigation.

The airline’s unions have said they warned management about problems with the crew-scheduling system after a previous meltdown in October 2021.

Southwest Airlines grilled over holiday meltdown


Rob Britton, a former American Airlines executive who teaches crisis management at Georgetown University, told the Associated Press that Southwest has underinvested in technology while growing rapidly, and that the carrier suffers from an “insular culture” that “keeps them from looking outside for solutions.”

CEO Robert Jordan has embarked on a campaign to repair the airline’s damaged reputation. Southwest said last month it would add deicing equipment and increase staffing during winter weather that is cold enough to limit the amount of time that ground workers can stay outside.

CBS News’ Kathryn Krupnik and Kris Van Cleave contributed reporting. With reporting by the Associated Press.


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6 Emerging Engineering Domains That Will Modify Your Business enterprise

The most greatly predictable aspect of technological know-how developments has extended been the continuous of escalating disruption. Since 2010, Deloitte’s tech futurists have viewed disruption mainly as a result of the lens of information technologies (IT), which is rooted in the official sciences—computer and program sciences, logic, mathematics, and statistics—to assistance new models that satisfy new demands in new marketplaces.

These days, disruption by itself is getting disrupted. And primary foreseeable future-oriented corporations need to now appear further than the unexpected disruptions they’ve uncovered and organized to anticipate.

The frontier beyond IT disruption is quickly coming into check out. By analyzing things which includes patent and startup action, venture capitalist funding, tutorial and grant investments, and adjustments in employing and talent, Deloitte’s futurists recognized a set of rising technology domains that could rival IT in their disruptive and progressive likely.

Technologies in SpaceTech, BioTech, NeuroTech, ClimateTech, EnergyTech, and RobotTech—collectively acknowledged as xTech—could soon start off fixing essential human troubles and eventually rival and even surpass It’s impact on business innovation.


Room and aeronautical engineering is a growth chance as govt organizations continue to yield much of their classic business enterprise and operational domain to private firms, this sort of as flights and launches, and businesses commit in new transportation. Low-Earth orbit (LEO) flights, at altitudes of up to 1,200 miles (the International House Station’s length from Earth), empower organizations to create and provider communications and security infrastructure for use on Earth. Other personal financial commitment spots contain deep space analysis, exploration, and even habitation and supporting Earth-dependent systems, infrastructure, methods, and regulations.


Mobile and biomolecular engineering will allow scientists to make and dissect cells, tissues, and molecules to deliver therapeutic goods with best outcomes. Molecular-scale study of elaborate organic techniques has currently yielded the comprehensive sequencing of the human genome and tissue-engineered therapies. Emerging purposes with commercial potential include things like artificial biology, the course of action of making organic units and artificial everyday living kinds genomics, the functionality and enhancing of genomes and mobile agriculture, the production of synthetic food stuff making use of cell cultures and new strategies of building proteins, fat, and tissues.


Mind-computer system interfaces (BCIs) measure and translate brain and central anxious process exercise into commands that function exterior software package or hardware methods to make controlling personal computers as pure as contemplating. These days, that signifies assistive technologies, this kind of as noninvasive EEG electrodes that can translate brain alerts to AI-qualified algorithms and transmit instructions to control a system. NeuroTech’s long run has innovative probable, with analysis and growth (R&D) growing from restorative, therapeutic, and assistive apps to elective placement that could assist enrich human considered, abilities, and capabilities and enrich our daily lives.


Autonomous and precision robots prolong AI worth from conclusion-generating computer software to conclusion-earning machines: robots that can have an understanding of their surroundings and just take steps devoid of unique physical infrastructure. Beyond autonomous vehicles—cars, vehicles, bikes, scooters—dexterous, multifunctional, smart precision robots may engage in

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Your Router Is in the Wrong Spot. Here’s Where to Move It to Speed Up Your Wi-Fi

Few things are more frustrating than a slow home internet connection. It’s a massive headache if you work from home, if you’re trying to install smart home gadgets, or if you just want to unwind with some Netflix at the end of the day. So what can you do if your Wi-Fi always seems to be unstable, regardless of what internet service provider you have or how many devices are connected? 

The good news is there’s an easy way to optimize your Wi-Fi network and address these issues — and it’ll only take you a few minutes. 

Shopping for a faster internet speed?

We’ll send you the fastest internet options, so you don’t have to find them.

There are a lot of factors that determine internet speeds and while there are a few tricks or guidelines you can follow to improve the overall wireless speeds and coverage in your home, one of the most crucial factors is the location of your router. And the best place is not always where the technician sets it up. So keep reading to learn about the best place in your home for your router and other tricks for faster Wi-Fi. You can also check out our picks for the best Wi-Fi 6 routers, the best mesh routers and the best Wi-Fi extenders. (And if you have a mesh router, make sure you check out our guide for where and how to set that up the right way, too.)

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Choose the right router for your space

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First things first: It all starts with choosing the right router or other equipment. Not all routers are the same and the size and layout of your home will determine what type of wireless network you need.

For most apartments and smaller homes (under 1,500 square feet), a single wireless access point should suffice. That said, if your router is several years old, you may want to consider upgrading to a newer model with support for 802.11ax, or Wi-Fi 6. That’s the latest generation of Wi-Fi technology, and it’ll give you the fastest wireless speeds possible and the best overall coverage.

For bigger, multilevel homes, it’s worth considering making the upgrade to a mesh network to offer consistent coverage throughout the entire house. Once the main access point is installed, if you find a far corner of your home doesn’t have solid wireless coverage, just add another node to that area. Problem solved.

To learn more, check out our list of the best mesh routers of the year (our top pick is the TP-Link Deco W7200). If you need some additional guidance, consult our router buying guide.

Just remember: Regardless of whether you have a single access point or a mesh network, where you place the primary access point still matters. 

OK, so what’s the best place to put your router?

TP Link router on a blue background

Check out all of the different routers available to you: Wi-Fi routers, mesh networks

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