Programming languages: Why this aged most loved is on the rise yet again


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Computer software-testing business Tiobe, which maintains a monthly tracker of the level of popularity of the vast array of programming languages available to computer software builders, has picked C++ as its programming language of 2022.

Even with it being placed third in Tiobe’s January 2023 index, the recognition of C++ rose more rapidly than all other languages very last 12 months, up by 4.26% as opposed with January 2022, the business mentioned.

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Runners-up this calendar year ended up C, the second most common language, which grew in popularity by 3.82%, and Python, the leading language, which grew by 2.78%. Obtaining fallen from third, Java is now in fourth place, developing 1.55%. 

“The reason for C++’s reputation is its fantastic efficiency while staying a superior level object-oriented language. Since of this, it is feasible to establish fast and huge program techniques (above millions of strains of code) in C++ with no necessarily ending up in a servicing nightmare,” states Tiobe CEO Paul Jensen

He also characteristics C++’s rise in attractiveness to the relatively modern C++20 update in December 2020. This is the hottest edition of C++ to be standardized by the Intercontinental Corporation for Standardization (ISO) and launched fascinating features, these kinds of as modules. C++ was established in 1985 by Danish laptop scientist, Bjarne Stroustrup.   

C++ is the major language made use of to construct Chrome and has been a crucial language, along with C, for the Android Open Source Undertaking. C++ is also well-liked in systems programming, the automotive field, the finance sector, and game titles improvement. 

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In conditions of the Tiobe index, Jensen notes C++ gained in level of popularity when the C++11 typical was posted in 2011, marking its to start with major rise given that 1998. 

“The adoption of this new regular [C++11] took a number of decades because there ended up no C++ compilers readily available to assist the new language definition. Simply because of C++11, C++ was bit by bit heading uphill in the TIOBE index after possessing been in a continual decline given that 2001. The 2nd land mark is the current C++20 publication,” notes Jensen.     

Jensen also notes that C++ rival Rust entered the leading 20 again (staying rated at amount 26 one particular 12 months in the past), but states that “this time it seems to be for authentic”, suggesting it could now hold a secure posture in the top rated 20.

Rust’s profile shot up for the duration of the earlier calendar year immediately after it was officially adopted for the Linux kernel edition 6.1, clearing its way for motorists to be penned in Rust. 

In a lot of means, C++ is an interesting choice for Tiobe’s language of the yr. Mark Russinovich, CTO of Microsoft Azure, stated recently that builders should stay away from making use of

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